"ClickHome is the Heart and Soul of our business, we build far more with less people than our competition."

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"ClickHome systems have been fully integrated with our other systems and continues to be the central hub of the Burbank Information Highway. The ClickHome system has grown with the business and has continued to provide business solutions with every enhancement."


- General Manager of Corporate Services, Burbank Group of Companies


"We have taken 20% off of our construction times since we switched to using ClickHome."

- Brad Evans, Gemini Homes


"ClickHome is the most critical, strategic component of our business."

- General Manager, National Building and Business Improvement, Metricon


- Director, Home Group WA & BluePrint Homes.


"The ClickHome Application has made tracking of a Sales Inquiry all the way through to the end of Construction a breeze."


"ClickHome is the Heart and Soul of our business, we build far more with less people than our competition."


- IT Manager, Hickinbotham Homes


- Supply Chain Manager, Metricon


"Metricon uses the ClickHome software as its single source of construction workflow to ensure a faster, more accurate and streamlined flow of information between our trades and suppliers. Originally installed in 2007 we have continued to work closely with Imagemation and adjust the system to suit our specific requirements. We now have incorporated ClickHome throughout all our building related processes, inspections and workflow management for our internal, trade and supplier tasks."

"The benefits of this are making a significant difference in our overall site performance as our construction team can spend more time on site, while giving management a live reporting suite of information to effective manage the entire customer and build process."

Metricon ClickHome is used to manage:

  • Site Call Ups
  • On Site Project Management
  • Trade and Supplier Performance
  • Safety & QA inspections
  • Labour, Supply & Capacity Management
  • Build Efficiency
  • Cost Control

Direct benefits to Metricon, Trades & Suppliers:

  • Electronic call up via email and SMS
  • Reduced time spent on weekly update & more time on planning and reviewing progress
  • Electronic confirmation by trades & suppliers
  • Direct Supplier Performance information
  • No missed call ups (faxes, phone calls)
  • Audit trail of correspondence

"ClickHome provides an integrated workflow tool that allows us to manage our business from the initial contact with a client to the final handover. It has revolutionised our internal processes and has significantly improved our efficiency.

At the same time, it has created transparency in managing the progress of our clients jobs through the pre-site and building process, not only allowing us to improve our cashflow, but to better meet client expectations. It has literally become the pulse of the business."


- Chief Information Officer, Clarendon Homes