Trade Allocation & Contact Planner

ClickHome has two advanced planning tools for optimising scheduling and resource allocation across multiple jobs and suppliers.

Trade Allocation

The Trade Allocation tool allows you to visualise resource utilisation across groups of tasks and jobs to see that your best trades are being kept busy, and that your jobs are not being delayed by over allocation work. You can see jobs across multiple supervisors, regions and resource groups (eg brick layers, tilers, carpenters etc) and see both unallocated and scheduled work and utilised and available trades.

Contract Planner

The Contract Planner works in a similar fashion, but can be used to eliminate white space (delays, inactivity) from each contract. You can easily see where tasks are booked in and which days have nothing planned. Use it during weekly meetings with your Supervisors to identify and improve their construction targets.

Both the Trade Allocation and Contract Planner work with the core scheduling engine within ClickHome to automatically notify trades and suppliers about changes and updated schedules.