Tenders & Selections

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ClickHome Tenders enables the creation of quotes from simple shopping cart selections, whilst providing the power for a sales estimator to build custom options, price provisional sums and price estimated sums to name but a few of the features. It will enable your company to control the quoting process and provide an end-to-end link of sales quote to contract, showing where changes and margin erosion occur.


  • Shopping cart-like salesperson sales quote generation from standard/controlled price lists
  • Advanced user interface to enable detailed quote work up by sales estimators.
  • Immediate visibility of margin from the whole quote to individual selected items.
  • Manage custom requests/price only and multiple versions of quotes
  • Web front end to allow quote generation anywhere
  • Tracks complete history of quote through to contract.
  • Single quoting process to unify sales quote through to contract
  • Manage post contract variations.
  • Seemless handling of complex library price updates across live quotes and new quotes.


  • Sales quote to contract margin analysis
  • Controlled price library, one version of the truth
  • One click update of price list and options to all sales people.
  • Audited history of quotes.
  • Increased clarity with clients
  • Bridge the disconnect between sales quote and contract.