Sticky Notes, Job not ready and many more!

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Jam-packed with tons of new features and screens you’ve all been asking for, we’re excited to announce version 3.11 for iPads. Introducing powerful, new features such as sticky notes, Job Not Ready notifications, maps and much more, you won’t want to delay installing the latest version through the Appstore.

Sticky Notes

Without a doubt one of our most requested features has been for supervisors to see sticky notes on their field devices. With this version you can now see any sticky notes on the call sheet and Job overview screens, helping stay aware of any important details from the office such as revised plans, client notes etc.

Job Not Ready Notifications

To better equip supervisors with the tools they need to manage suppliers and trades, we’ve added new alerts showing when a trade went to site but couldn’t perform their work. By setting the ‘Job Not Ready’ option from JobFile. With notifications shown at the top of the screen, supervisors are quickly made aware of this and know they’ll need to check its effect on other task dates and reset the task as ready for the trade.


Version 3.11 introduces our brand-new map screen showing supervisors the location and address of all their jobs on the one screen. From the map screen, supervisors can easily visual where their jobs are and can plan their trips for the day, from here they can quickly navigate into specific jobs, checking on its progress, viewing its list of tasks and scheduling tasks & suppliers etc.
With many more features such as new detailed product callup tools, advanced planning tools, added note functionality and new screen improvements for maintenance issues and PCIs, you’ll see some fantastic new improvements ready to use.

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