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ClickHome Pre-Construction is the leading software product in genuine workflow solutions for the residential construction industry. ClickHome Pre-Construction drives the process of moving your client through to construction as efficiently as possible. As a true workflow tool, it pushes work through to your staff as it becomes available to do, thus ensuring no unnecessary delays due to files sitting on the shelf or on desks oblivious to the next step.

The system enables the business to put in standard practices, procedures and requirements to ensure that all staff manages each of your clients in a consistent manner that ensures the best outcome for your business. The software can have as many processes as necessary to cover your different business requirements and each process is totally customisable in the items and the flow of work.

ClickHome Pre-Construction will get rid of those cumbersome spreadsheets out of your business and help you shorten the preconstruction time by providing visibility, process and performance management capabilities to your business.



  • Reduce the time a job takes to get through to construction by eliminating as much ‘dead’ time as possible
  • Reduced time and frustration in chasing files around the office
  • Visibility over all aspects of the preconstruction jobs
  • Ability to measure areas of your process to determine workflow, performance or resource issues
  • Measure staff and/or department performance against defined process and in comparison to previous performance
  • Enable all stakeholders in a contract to have visibility on where the job is at and any notes and issues that have arisen during its process


  • Customisable Workflows – Implement your processes with your rules
  • Work/Task Allocation – Manage workloads and identify work being performed or in the queue to be done
  • My Task Lists – Drive tasks to staff for completion when they are required to complete them so the process moves on in the required manner and in the appropriate time frames
  • Customisable Reporting – ClickHome uses Crystal reports which enables you to create customisable reports to the system when and as needed.
  • Auto Reporting – The ability for the system to send reports to your inbox at set times to provide the information you require when you require it
  • Standard Letter Generation – A process that enables standard letters to be autogenerated from the system and sent to the appropriate person.
  • KPI and Performance Management – Measure how long to do individual tasks or time between tasks
  • Fully integrates with other ClickHome Modules – Full integration with ClickHome Sales, for perfect transition from sales to the Pre-Construction process and seamless integration with ClickHome Construction ensuring perfect transition from office to the on-site process.