Pre-Handover Inspections

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To celebrate the new year we are announcing the release of our PCI module. This is a free iPad add-on for existing ClickHome users. The Practical Completion Inspection is an exciting time where your Supervisor can reveal the finished product to your clients. Client and Supervisor go through the house, room by room, discussing key features and inspecting everything to ensure it looks and works as it should. Any items that require attention are recorded for the Supervisor to action and both parties sign off on these items. The Supervisor will then organise trades and suppliers to come back to site and complete the items listed during the inspection. Once all items are rectified to satisfaction, the Supervisor can organise a second PCI inspection and go through all the items listed on the first PCI checklist and confirm they have been rectified. The ClickHome pre-handover inspection is an end to end solution that builds on our existing inspections module so that you can capture, report and analyse faults and problems, but it puts the onus on the home owner to identify faults rather than provide them with a hitlist of possible issues to think about.   PCI sign off on defects

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