A new world of searching awaits

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With heaps of new search criteria, you’ll always be able to find what you need when you need it in ClickHome’s redesigned interface.

Bring up any contract, client or group of tasks across jobs using milestones, business units, house types and more so you can easily find what you need in seconds. Want to know all the tasks where you have a signed contract but no deposit? Now you can.

You can even find a list of all the recent tasks and searches you’ve made on the dash when you first log in and re-create them by clicking on the link. Need to find a contract or task again and again? With saved searches, you can shortcut past filling out the search criteria and head straight into any list of contracts, clients or tasks you need.

By using the new screen, not only can you bookmark searches by pinning them to your browser, you can also share any search, task or contract with a colleague so you can work together. Simply share the URL and they’ll be able to see it with their applied security settings.

One of the handiest new features we’ve added is the option to create your own favourite tasks and then search for them across all jobs in ClickHome. You can do this by clicking on the star icon next to any task or contract in your My Tasks list. ClickHome will automatically go through your list and favourite that task against all jobs. Now when you want to look for all those important critical tasks, you’ll be able to find them by checking the Favourite Template-Items checkbox on the search page.

With our new UI rolling out soon, stay tuned for more details or contact your ClickHome consultant to try out our beta version today!

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