MyHome provides your clients with online access to progress, construction updates, photos, documents and much more once signed up.

MyHome portal provides your clients with online access to all their house details.


What does MyHome do for you the Builder and the Client?

MyHome provides an easy way to create a feature packed, professional looking website that your customers can log into. Provide the extra level of customer service that your clients are searching for, while conveniently saving time yourself - It's a win-win for both builder & client.

For most of your customers, building a new home is one of the biggest decisions they will make, a decision which requires a constant flow of information. The easier that information is to find – the more likely they will choose you as their builder.

When a client can quickly log in to see the progress of their build, they save you time by reducing the demand on your existing communication channels.

Another major benefit is the ability for clients to answer their own questions, by going to the website and checking a document, recent photo or the current progress. If they cannot find the information they need, they can message the builder via MyHome.

For the client, this often means getting an issue out of their mind instead of brooding over it until they can get hold of someone. For the builder, it means that your staff will have fewer interruptions to their normal day’s work to answer phone calls.


What information can MyHome contain?
The standard elements of MyHome are: Contract Information – This shows some generic information about the contract such as Contract Details, House Type, Lot Address, Supervisor etc Contract Storyboard  – Our data structures let the builder create a story board around each item in their template about what happens before, during and after an item of work.  This automatically updates the website as progress is updated on the job.  For the client it looks as if someone is personally adding specific and relevant information about the clients’ job in detail.

  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) - An FAQ section provides a preconfigured list of questions and answers of commonly asked things to help pre-empt questions and concerns clients may have.  These FAQ’s are presented during the relevant times and processes of where the job is at making sure the most relevant ones are available for where the contract is up to.
  • Progress Updates - This show selected items from you Preconstruction or Construction workflow.  This can show whether the task is completed and the date it was completed or if it is not completed it can provide a forecast date.  If the builder does not want to show the date that is totally under their control. You can highlight the tasks which require the clients input so they are aware of when their involvement will be required.
  • Photos - This shows the photos that have been loaded up and tagged for the MyHome application.  Our sample website has a control on there to easily enable the viewing of enlarged photos.
  • Selections  - A shopping cart like experience where your clients can choose all their colours from the comfort of their home
  • Notes / Communication - Communication between client, builder’s office and the supervisor can be achieved via notes
  • Documents - The Builders office can make documents available to be viewed such as plans or addenda

Since myhome is based upon a standard set of web services and you can customize our standard website. You can choose what elements you select to provide to your clients, which are tailored to the way you want to do business with them.

MyHome your Design

Just as you can customise the functionality, you will be wanting to present your company branding. We supply our vanilla website, so that you can take that and customise it to make it yours.  We have deliberately designed our vanilla myhome website to be easy to customise, and past customer experience has shown it can take as little as 1 day to get it up and running.

In Summary
Client feedback on the ability to see the information as their home progresses is extremely positive and provides a big positive aspect to the process and in their choice of you as their builder.My Home provides a portal for a client to see the progress that there construction is making and identify when the client will be expected to contribute to the process.  My Home is security controlled so that there is no fear of other clients viewing your details.  It also provides a method of communicating via the net to the Supervisor or Client Liaison Officer via the note functionality.

The MyHome portal also allows clients to do their entire colour selections from the comfort of their own home, saving you countless of hours in the office.