Field Devices

Mobile Manager for iPad or Tablet gives supervisors in the field control of all aspects of the job and allows real-time and off-line access to job information. All call-ups, communication, targets, scheduling and reporting is driven from accurate and timely information coming directly from the supervisors with Mobile Manager in the field.

Mobile Manager is designed from the ground up for the supervisor, with home screen shortcuts to the most useful information, it acts like an electronic organiser for supervisors. Long time users of Mobile Manager state that it saves them 2 hours a day in manual administrative tasks.

Our field application has been used by supervisors since 2004 and has helped manage well over 100,000 homes so far. It has been refined over this time to ensure we keep improving on our original goal of reducing supervisor administration time.

All our field platforms support offline mode, to ensure that the supervisors are always productive. The worst thing in the world is a supervisor not able to do his job! They do their work and then synchronise to ClickHome to send all the callups to the various trades or suppliers.

Multiple Platforms – Mobile or Tablet

We have several platforms for our supervisor’s field application – Windows Tablet (or any Windows computer) and iPad. Whichever option you choose it all offers the same rich ClickHome functionality.

We allow our customers the choice of which platform is best for each supervisor, there is no one size fits all.

Field Enabled But Centralised Information

The field devices seemlessly synchronise information back to a central server point, allowing the collection and reporting of all operational facets of on-site construction, saving huge amounts of management time collecting valuable progress information.