Mobile Leads

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Introducing Mobile Leads

Our new Mobile Leads platform gives your sales team all the information they need to capture, manage and respond to sales inquiries on their phone, tablet or desktop.  Record traffic at your display homes, easily track and share updates to your catalogue, display centres and online marketing. New sales inquiries from the sales team can be entered in real time to help your sales team be more responsive.

Avoid double handling of information and respond to more prospective clients quickly and accurately with ClickHome Mobile Leads.

What does Mobile Leads do for you? – Builder benefits

Have you ever found yourself thinking about a potential deal only to get that nagging feeling that you’re missing something? You might have a vivid memory of communicating with the customer and  deciding on a plan of action, but because there are 50 other leads you’ve completely forgotten exactly what it was?

ClickHome Mobile Leads gives you full visibility of your and everyone elses previous client interactions with up to date information at your finger tips.

Furthermore the ClickHome sales funnel gives a great measure of your company’s health. It provides a clear view of the opportunities currently available to your sales team. A well managed sales funnel will get all of your sales efforts well organised and put you in control of your sales results.

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