Leads Management

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ClickHome Sales is an industry specific Leads Management tool that has been designed around the specific needs and nature of the Residential Home Building industry. ClickHome Sales captures potential clients details at their first point of contact with your organisation and drives them through the process to committing to your offering. ClickHome sales is designed to be your one stop Customer relationship management (CRM) tool.

The system enables the business to put in standard practices, procedures and requirements to ensure that the company captures the appropriate amount of data to maximise conversions.

All staff can manage each of your clients in a consistent manner that ensures the best outcome for your business. The software can have as many processes as necessary to cover your different business requirements and each process is totally customisable in the items and the flow of work.

Clickhome sales helps your business identify and target potential clients and generate leads for the sales team. A key marketing capability is tracking and measuring multichannel campaigns, including email, display homes, telephone etc. Metrics will be monitored and can be reported on for easy decision making about effectiveness of campaigns.

ClickHome provides some great features which really improves your general CRM experience, while maintaining the industry specific functionality that has been a feature of the product since inception. The ability to work with multiple clients through advance searches based upon many different items including your customised fields and the ability to tag the records for future use and extract the records will make your sales and marketing effort even more efficient.



  • Standardised sales process and capture of information
  • Visibility over all aspects of the sales process
  • Provide ownership of leads information to the builder to ensure leads do not walk out with the salesperson if they leave
  • Ensure activity and progress on each lead to reduce the number of inactive leads
  • Measure sales performance of staff, house types or contact points against defined process and in comparison to previous performance
  • Enable forecast of activity based upon historical conversion rates to do longer term capacity planning.


  • Customisable Workflows – Implement the sales process you want
  • Leads Dashboard– Provide a sales dashboard to highlight the pertinant information required
  • My Leads Lists – List of leads for the relevant person logging in so they can manage their leads
  • Activities and Reminders – Able to record activities and set reminders for future activities to enable timely follow up.
  • Lead Management Processes – Inactive leads and a review process for abandoning leads
  • Customisable Reporting – ClickHome uses Crystal reports which enables you to create customisable reports to the system when and as needed.
  • Auto Reporting – The ability for the system to send reports to your inbox at set times to provide the information you require when you require it
  • KPI and Performance Management – Measure how long to do individual tasks or time between tasks
  • Capture Leads automatically through the web as they visit your website.