How many separate systems and databases do you have in your organisation?

Are you affraid that adding a new system will cause even more wasted time by duplicating data entry, and managing multiple systems?

Do you use Databuild, Beams, Business Craft, Sage, Builder MT, Constructor or any other estimating or accounting system?

It is important that any new system you use will not cause you unnecessary duplication of effort. This is why we are experts in integrating with your existing software to ensure staff efficiency.

We have extensive experience mapping ClickHome to any legacy systems across a wide spectrum of components.

We even integrate with Exchange (Outlook) for total efficiency of all your systems.


ClickHome uses a variety of methods based upon the source system and the type of information being integrated, some of these are:

  • Web Services
  • Database integration tables
  • Flat File integration
  • Staging Systems
We have standard integrations for the following types of information:
  • Contracts
  • Purchase Orders
  • Events
  • Suppliers and Supplier Branches
  • Notes
  • And many more..
We have so far succesfully integrated with the following systems:
  • Databuild
  • Business Craft
  • Beams
  • Sage.
  • Constructor
  • Microsoft Products (Exchange)
  • Clients custom accounting and estimating packages