Inspections enables the field collection of any inspection information in a controlled and auditable format. You no longer need to carry around your inspection pads - instead complete the information within your phone or tablet in ClickHome and have it automatically sent back to the office. The reduction in manual paperwork reduces compliance issues, whilst easing the administrative burden on supervisors.

There are many different types of inspections a construction company can complete. ClickHome allows the custom definition of any number of inspection questions and answer types. You, as the builder, define what the inspections are and when they happen. Depending on the result of inspections, you can use many of the various automatic actions available to ensure correct remedial and reporting actions when required.

Typical uses for Inspections cover general OH & S, trade/supplier paperwork audits, tags, trade/supplier quality, supervisor quality, client inspections and maintenance inspections.

Inspections is an additional module for our construction users.



  • Increased compliance significantly reducing liability with demonstrable evidence to back you up.
  • Reduce the administrative burden of inspections on supervisors. Collect it in the field and send it in - no paper trail to lose.
  • Company wide policy enforcement - no disparate solutions of varying quality
  • Centralised management - edit in ClickHome, distribute to everyone!
  • Ability to mandate failure descriptions and photographic evidence on failed questions.
  • Immediate failure actions, ensuring issues are identified and dealt with in a timely manner, providing all the information required to all parties.

Detailed Functionality List

  • User definable inspections with customisable question, areas and failure levels.
  • Adhoc Inspections – Allows anybody to perform an adhoc inspection type at any point.
  • Inspections at key points in process – Define when different types of inspections need to be completed during the construction process.
  • Perform inspections randomly per supervisor or per region, allowing the random testing regime with minimal manual management.
  • Perform inspections per number of days of trade labour, ensuring adequate quality/safety assessments (frequency definable per trade type).
  • Multiple failure actions (multiple allowed):
    1. Send inspection report to supervisor, construction manager, head office, supplier/trade
    2. Mark supplier unavailable for future work
    3. Put job on hold
    4. Create repeat inspection for either supervisor or construction manager.
  • Ability to record multiple signatures on screen.
  • Inspections are not editable once finalised ensuring full audit or prior inspections.

ClickHome Inspections is a construction industry leading inspections system, customisable to your building processes.


Please see below a screen cast of inspections used within our phone platform.