Integration – DataBuild

ClickHome integrates well with DataBuild, and can operate as the master or slave depending on the requirements.

We support the following integration points:

  • Creation of Jobs from DataBuild
  • Creation of Jobs into DataBuild
  • Creation of Suppliers from DataBuild
  • Importing of Purchase Orders and Lines from DataBuild
  • Creation of Notes from DataBuild
  • Creation of Notes into DataBuild
  • Job lifecycle management in DataBuild – changing Status

Below are some testimonials from Clients using DataBuild and ClickHome with our Integration.

"Home Group WA have been using DataBuild for its job estimating and accounting system since the company’s inception in 1997. When we implemented our ClickHome construction management system in 2004, one of the main requirements was the successful integration with DataBuild, to ensure integrity was maintained whilst establishing a seamless flow of information for reporting from both systems. Over 10 years later with thousands of homes constructed for our clients, the integration between the 2 systems involving job creation and management, supplier creation and management, and comprehensive job reporting has been excellent. Its reliability and performance has allowed us to confidently implement processes and systems within our business that utilise the integration of both application platforms."

Joe Marchese – Director, Home Group WA

"When Burbank purchased Clickhome the first integration point we setup was with Databuild. The Integration between the two systems has been running reliably, with a minimum of maintenance, since November 2005. In this time the integration has efficiently reduced duplicate data entry for 8000+ jobs."

Sam Bruno – Business Analyst Manager, Burbank Group of Companies

"We are using the integration between Databuild and Clickhome for every single job and it performs faultlessly. We push and pull data between the databases assisting in many areas of our business. We integrate for many reasons including account financials, status updates, supplier details, address details basically all the major functions."

Tony Cawley – Chief Information Officer, Gemmill Homes Group