The multifaceted Construction module brings together all the processes and tools needed to coordinate your projects’ build under one umbrella system. Built together with supervisors since 2004, ClickHome Construction has been designed for both use in the office and out in the field. With an application for iPads and Windows tablets, there’s no more need for supervisors to keep manual purchasing books and notepads on site, giving way to greater control over project planning, expenditure and document control. In fact, our Construction module has helped clients reduce time spent on administrative tasks by up to 80%, so your construction team can spend more out in the field helping you deliver homes faster.

As a comprehensive residential builder solution, ClickHome Construction not only includes processes to help your supervisors manage confirmations, inspections, claims and requisitions but also revolutionises the way they allocate and manage suppliers & trades. Through our field device application supervisors can manage every communication with suppliers or trades through an electronic call forward sheet, giving the ability to perform call ups directly to the nominated supplier or trade with the single click of button. It’s here where ClickHome Construction saves your supervisors significant administrative time, enabling more jobs to be assigned per supervisor, and helps increase job scheduling accuracy leading to construction time savings. With ClickHome Construction you will not find a more adaptive call forward sheet that lets you have multiple templates of sheets, enabling you to choose between large differences, such as single storey or 3 storey homes, or individually customise a job’s call forward sheet through purchase order integration and selection of tasks.



  • Reduced time supervisors spend on administrative tasks.
  • Increased number of jobs per supervisor, helping you complete more homes per year.
  • Insight into your construction processes, helping you identify where bottlenecks occur and where resources could be further utilised.
  • Complete visibility over all aspects of construction jobs.
  • Ability to transfer jobs between supervisors with the click of a button.
  • Improved supplier and trade relationships through performance analysis and formalised communication channels.


  • Electronic call forward sheets that are completely adaptable to individual job requirements.
  • Purchase order integration enabling you to use PO information to tailor your call sheet and approve invoice payments.
  • Smart device applications for Windows Tablets and iPads for supervisors out in the field. The ClickHome application synchronises data enabling your supervisors to still use it in areas without mobile coverage.
  • Inspections functionality giving you the ability to perform OH&S, trade and supervisor quality inspections through our smart device application.
  • Requisitions/ETS functionality in the field with automatic/flexible approval processes.
  • Attachment and document sharing through our field device application, giving supervisors access to key documents out in the field and the ability to send them directly to supplier/trades from within ClickHome.
  • Trade allocation portal enabling you to manage trade pools across whole regions and business units.