The best view comes in threes…

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Explore a new, exciting way of navigating your My Tasks list with ClickHome’s redesigned Interface.  

Easily flick between tasks with three in-page panels for you to drill into, clicking on them to pop open the Task and Info Panels, showing everything from progress updates to instructions, important dates, linked tasks, attachments and more. And when you’re done, just click on a new task to open it up; it’s that easy, no more switching between tabs.  

We’ve added a bunch of extra information such as recent contract notes, assigned roles, sales commitments, tenders and much, much more to give you everything you could possibly need right at the tips of your fingers without needing to dig for it. 

Save time typing out client details, lot addresses, house type details etc. again and again with the ability to copy all data directly from your screen and paste it in building applications, council docs and more. And if you ever need to go back and grab an important piece of info or note, now you can with all workflow history available in the Info Panel so you can follow a contract right from its beginning as a lead through to its pre-construction and construction phases. 

With all these new features available in ClickHome, it’s never been easier to be efficient!    

With our new UI rolling out soon, stay tuned for more details or contact your ClickHome consultant to try out our beta version today!

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