ClickHome History

The ClickHome history was born out of the consulting work Imagemation had performed in implementing and managing components of Borals Oracle Financials Implementation and other related custom software projects.  Imagemation had significant experience in the operations of a construction materials company and their customer requirements for information and data flows.  As part of this, we were introduced to a couple of home builders in Western Australia to determine better ways to integrate the necessary flow of data from the site to the provider of the labour and materials.  It soon became evident that the home builders project managers (supervisors) had lots of task to co-ordinate and a lot of paperwork and information to dissect and disburse in timely manner.  This was evidenced by station wagons that were large filing cabinets on wheels and the fact that many of the supervisors had to leave sites and return to their home (or in some cases back to the office) and prepare faxes and make many phone calls to organise the next couple of tasks to happen on each of their sites. We spent considerable time with the supervisors learning what they did on a day-by-day basis, learning the industry and the practices of not only the building company but the varying different trades and supplier companies that they dealt with.  This varied from owner operators, through to small trade based teams with little company structure, to micro, small, medium and large corporations – all with differing requirements in how they needed to be dealt with.

Product History

  • Sitemanager – June 2003
  • Mobile Manager – June 2004
  • Presite – February 2005
  • Leads – June 2007
  • Tenders – October 2009
  • Tablet Manager – June 2010
  • ClickHome 3 – February 2012
  • iOS (iPhone/iPad) – September 2012
  • Maintenance – October 2013
  • Projects – September 2014
  • Variations – March 2016