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ClickHome Construction is the industry leading construction management software tool for the residential construction market. ClickHome Construction covers the coordination of all the tasks to get a house built, from performing an initial site inspection to completing the maintenance items. Our field solution has been used by supervisors out in the field to co-ordinate their jobs since 2004, and to date assisted in the construction of well over 100,000 homes! No other residential construction software comes close.

Our software is designed for the supervisor, making the co-ordination of jobs far simpler by performing a supplier/trade call up by clicking a button. It doesn’t just benefit the supervisor though. With ClickHome Construction running live, construction information can be shared with anyone within your organisation.



  • Reduced supervisor administration time
  • Increased number of jobs per supervisor
  • Visibility over all aspects of the construction jobs
  • Ability to transfer jobs between supervisors with a click of a button
  • Enhanced supplier and trade relationships through performance analysis and formal communication methods


  • Electronic Call Forward Sheet – Standardised process but flexible to the individual jobs requirements
  • Purchase Order Integration – Use the PO information to tailor your call sheet and approve invoice payments.
  • Inspections – Perform OH & S, trade and supervisor quality inspections.
  • Requisitions – In the field ETS/requisitions, with automatic/flexible approval processes.
  • Multiple Field Platforms – Windows Tablet/iPad or iPhone Field Platform with Synchronised Data – Allowing continuation of work whilst not in mobile coverage. No down time!
  • Trade Allocation Portal – Effective management of your trade pool across whole regions and business units.
  • Documents – Have key documents out in the field, and even send them direct to the supplier/trade from within ClickHome.